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Silverwood Risk Management is a premier provider of insurance and risk management services for high-net-worth families.

Silverwood is an independent insurance agency. Unlike many of our competitors, we are not contractually bound to one insurance carrier. Rather, we negotiate with multiple insurance carriers on our clients’ behalf to find the best insurance solution for them.

Our Services What We Do

Income Protection

Your earning power is one of your greatest assets. Don’t risk compromising your security and quality of life. Disability insurance and income protection are some of the most important investments you can make to protect the value of the skills you have developed and the expertise equity you have built.


Estate Planning

Estate planning isn’t about dollars and cents—but loved ones and legacy. Your priorities, perspectives, goals, and dreams all inform your estate planning strategies and solutions. At Silverwood, we understand that it’s not just about what you’re worth—it’s about what you hold dear.


Trust Funding

Trusts are not only an effective way to keep more of your hard-earned resources now, but to safeguard those assets for the long haul—and to make sure you retain full control over how those assets are disbursed in the future.


Business Planning

You’ve worked hard to build your business. Lean on Silverwood’s team of professionals and their extensive expertise developing business planning policy solutions and insurance protections designed to make sure that hard work pays off—and that you are able to grow, structure, or sell your business on your own terms and your own timeline.


Long-Term Care

Safeguard your future and prioritize your long-term health and wellbeing by making sure you and your loved ones are provided for with our smart and strategic long-term care coverage solutions.


About Silverwood YOUR TRUSTED TEAM

A sister company to Nemes Rush, Silverwood is a natural extension of the premier financial planning and personalized consulting model that has elevated the firm’s reputation across Michigan, the Midwest, and the country.